Monday, October 10, 2011

Handmade earrings

Well... I'm back again. And I have some earrings to show to you.
During the last weeks I tried to make a facebook page [besides my profile] and that's why I kind of neglected my blog. But nevertheless I managed to connect these two! So now whether you visit my blog, or my FB, you can get information on both in the same place: on my blog you can read all my post on my FB page and even LIKE without going over, and just as before, on my profile there is a link to my blog post.

So lets get back to the earrings. I have two models.
First are somehow like a flower. There is a bead and a bead cap which actually is like a flower. And of course everything is handmade: the bead, the bead cap and earwire.

Something similar in blue:

And here are my favorites! Aren't they just gorgeous??? I love the color and I love the design of those spirals. I think I'll keep them for myself!

O, and I forgot to mention - I've been wearing these for some days now and everybody notices them. They just stand out on brunets! But I believe they would on blonds, too...



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