Wednesday, April 18, 2012

QR Code

I made a QR Code a couple of days ago!!!

WOOOW, I feel so good when I make something new. And especially when I can keep up with new technologies!

There are lots of  QR code generator sites. I read a little bit about this on the net, and I decided I don't want only text, or only URL. So, I opened an account on SKANZ, where one can make a kind of "site" and choose what information the QR Code should contain, which is URL, text, contact, photo, all in one.
And guess what?!?!? You don't even need an iPhone to scan/read a QR code! I have a Sony Xperia and it reads it! Of course, I had to download an app.
GO AHEAD, make yourself a QR Code if you have something to share! It's easy peasy!!!

OK, now take a look!
This is MY qr code! I'm happy as a child!

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