Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Garden Snakes

I was walking around in my garden this morning when I spotted this snake!
God, I rushed inside to grab my camera and then back to take some picture of the creature!
O, how I was fast! But IT was even faster. I looked all over but couldn't find it anymore. It was gone!!! [crying...]

So now we have to settle for what we have: that is, last year's pictures.
My brave cat was fighting the snake in the front yard!!! [love her so much!]
... By the way, yesterday she got mad on the dog for whatever reason and started punching it! [have I told you how much I love her?] ...
These two guys were over in my neighbor's garden.
And here is my yesterday's visitor! Again, I grabbed my camera and shot it through the kitchen window [it needs a clean-up]. It was one lucky shot, as it took off right after that and I was not given a second chance.
See ya!

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