Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fold Forming Copper

Well... this is my first try at fold forming.
First take a look at the end product:
This is not the most amazing fold forming ever... but, taking into consideration this is my first try, and that I don't have any special tools, and that I started from this as raw material...
I don't think this is bad at all!
Do you happen to know that the raw material is?
Well.... I don't have copper sheets and don't know where to get them from. So I have to use what I have at hand. And that is a piece from the computer cooler!
Don't worry, it was not from my computer, I mean not from the one that is in use!!!
The bad thing is that I am very limited in what shapes I can make, due to the shape of the copper sheets...
But for the moment this is all that I've got, and I have to work with it or not work at all.
And one other thing - my intention was to make some leaves. But as you see... anything but leaves!
After the first folding and unfolding, when it was obvious I was not making leaves, I decided to fold again and this is what I got:
I like them! What do you think?
See ya!


  1. Great Job with the foldforming and source-ing materials. The beads are a nice touch.

  2. Thank you so much! Your appreciation means a lot to me! As well as you visiting my blog. Thanks again.
    Your blog is among my very favorites, and your work is so amazing and such an inspiration to me! I am one of your followers and I just love to jump over to your blog and admire your creations!

  3. I love these earrings, oh how could I have missed so many things!! I'm so happy I have started following your blog now!!! Really great things!!

  4. Thank you so much! This means a lot to me. I myself can't tell you how much I love your jewelry! You are an inspiration to me. Thanks a lot!



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