Friday, December 7, 2012

Embrace your mistakes...

Haven't been posting for some time... don't really know why. Well, I have a guess or two but let's not talk about this now.
I'd better share my pencil holder which I made from an empty milk carton and one of my paintings!
OMG!!! Did you hear this? - one of my PAINTINGS! The truth is that lately I've been trying my hand at journaling - for me to say ART journal would be way too much.
I had a journal page which was a total mess but as I couldn't just throw it out, and because I discovered a most beautiful blog LIFE IN COLOR [here is the link, I recommend you jump over and take a look!] which taught me "Embrace your mistakes…they can be beautiful if looked at another way!" I simply painted over that page.
Once again, I am not a painter, not even good at it, but... nevertheless, I scanned that page and then cut it in 4 and this is what I came up with:
Well, I think that this looks somewhat better than the page itself  and I am glad I didn't have the heart to tear it to pieces and... embraced my mistake.
You should try, too. They say that if we are afraid of making mistakes, we'll never do anything.
So get up and do something! Anything. Just DO something.



  1. Hi Mununa! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! This gave me a reason to return the your work! If you send me your email, I'll be happy to share the recipe for "Copy Cat" with you! Mine is: clearerreflections (at) hotmail (dot) com.


  2. Hi Dave! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words, as well as for sending me your recipe. I just love your work and will be visiting your blog as often as I can course I have a lot to learn from you! It is so great that you share your knowledge with everyone who is willing to learn and discover new things.


  3. Hi There..your "mistake " looks so blog or comments have not been this is why I got back so late to you..I dont know why..?..any way your blog is so nice and I love what you did with your piece...very creative and so pretty.. i Love it..! its so nice to meet your here..!



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