Friday, January 18, 2013

My first try at Eco Paint

I've recently discovered eco painting on different cloth and also on paper and I am totally amazed by this process!
Well, as you can imagine, I had to try this our. Although - again!!! - my "tools" were scarce.
But first let me show you the end result:
I am quite pleased with it. My cloth was the back pocket from a pair of trousers.  I guess that it have looked better if I had a white piece of cloth.
Second, I didn't have any leaves so I used onion skins, red cabbage and some small fir branches.  You can see the fir in this close-up. O, and I love that alien face right in the middle!!!
And because I love rust, I also added some wire, two small coins and copper wire. I thought the copper wire would make some beautiful bluish impression, but it didn't... and nor did the coins.
Anyhow, I had some beautiful rust made by the wire - it was a clasp I made some time ago for a necklace - and by the wire I used to tie around the cloth.
All in all it came out quite well... in my opinion. Now I'm thinking of using it to make the front cover of a journal.

I'll keep you updated!

See ya!


  1. It came out amazing! I think it's ok to try dyeing with different fabrics, just to see what happens. :) Great work!

  2. Thanks a lot, Sonja! I had some other tries since this one, a few ok, some not so good... I find it a lot easier to eco print paper. :)



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