Friday, October 21, 2011

New handcrafted jewelry

Here I am again with some new stuff.
First of all is a necklace made of polymer clay in beautiful colors, on a black adjustable cord.
The tubular bead is approximately 7 cm long. I made a few shorter beads too, as well as oval ones, but have to figure out what to do with them...
Next, these earrings in autumn colors:
 And another pair of earrings in autumn colors, with little dangling stained leafs:
And here comes my favorite necklace. This one is much more like me!

I enjoy actually making "beads", not necessarily in the traditional shape. And I love the handmade look, beads that you can tell they were made by hand and not machined. Sometimes you can see even the fingerprints of the crafter immortalized on them. But I just don't mind! They are unique. You can't by a bucket of the same type like these on a Chinese en-gros site [no offense!].

Enjoy and see ya!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Milli as in Milli Vanilli

Today I'm sharing some pics of my cat which I love a lot. She is a dear, sometimes sleepy, sometimes playful. She loves being outside when the weather is fine, hunting for whatever is moving, or just lying in the sun.
Her name is Milli, as in Milli Vanilli [if you are old enough to remember!].
So... what is odd in this photo?
Can you spot Milli in the gutter??? She was sleeping there in the warm autumn sun!
Here she was looking out fiercely
Then she moved over to the roof
Here she is with her whiskers in the sky!
And again, my favorite one:
Have a nice fall!


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