Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A trip to the Danube and THE puppy

Last week-end we were on a 4-day trip down to the Danube. It was beautiful and awful in the same time. The places we went to see were sometimes breathtaking, but the weather was miserable. It rained every single day, sometimes it poured. And guess what? Always when we were in the most interesting sections of our journey! [phu]
Our first stop was Arad where we went to see the 1849 Monument. Here are just some snapshots:

And now this one!!!
I'll tell you more about it some other time.

See ya!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Pervert Is Back

This is what I posted on my Facebook not so long ago and I think it should go here, too.
"The pervert is back" as Larry Flynt once said! [I love that movie, by the way.]
Here is my new bead.
And bad news - there will be no hearts and flowers anymore. They simply are not my stile. So this is just to let you know that the pervert is back:
 I'll make this into a necklace soon.
But until then let me show you another bead that I like a lot. I only have to string it on a leather cord!
This picture depicts the raw bead. I stained it with dark brown acrylic paint and now looks just fabulous! Just like the real thing!!!
I'll take some pictures soon.
Because I also have some new, hot from the oven beads. They are more normal, not so "extreme" like these ones. But nevertheless, no hearts and flowers and things like that! 
So see you soon!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Coffee Bead

Here is a quick one.
This is one of my latest beads: the coffee bead, and the necklace I've made with it.

I guess many of you will like this one much more than the pervert bead...
But I'm not giving you too munch of a choice here anymore :D

See ya!


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