Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweets and Hearts

This was my first try at choux a la creme and it turned out to be quite a success :)
As you can't enjoy the "product", I hope you'll enjoy the pics!!!

See ya!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Feathered Friends

We had some very cold days but today was a little bit nicer. And guess what? My dear feathered friends are here!
I've been trying all day long to take some pictures #-o From indoors, as you may imagine! Which is almost as hard as from outside, except that it's not so cold!!! :)) I don't have quite an unobstructed access to my window, which makes balance a little difficult. And of course, I have to pull aside the curtains a little bit, which sometimes scares the birds away.
So here are some pictures. Just watch this look!!!
Isn't it a sweetie?!?!?

See ya! xox

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Three Faces of A Photo

Lately I've been playing again in Photoshop, which I must admit is a great fun!
It is amazing what you can do in just a few easy steps and with a couple of textures.
Here is the original version of my picture, the one I started from:
And the very same picture plus one texture:
And plus two textures:

What do you think? Tell me which one do you like the best?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Process or Not Process Pictures

So this is the question. Should I process pictures or should I not? And more, to what extent?
I like pictures as they are when originally taken.
Nevertheless, I also like some processing. It is great fun.
But this also takes time. And learning!!! But there are some extremely simple actions that can be applied, which, I might say, radically change the look of the original photo. One great advantage is you don't need a very good photo. Not even a good one!

Here are just a few processed pics that I took last year in the Bazaar of Sarajevo.

And in this one you can clearly see my reflection in the shop window

Aren't these interesting?!?!?


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