Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fold Forming Copper

Well... this is my first try at fold forming.
First take a look at the end product:
This is not the most amazing fold forming ever... but, taking into consideration this is my first try, and that I don't have any special tools, and that I started from this as raw material...
I don't think this is bad at all!
Do you happen to know that the raw material is?
Well.... I don't have copper sheets and don't know where to get them from. So I have to use what I have at hand. And that is a piece from the computer cooler!
Don't worry, it was not from my computer, I mean not from the one that is in use!!!
The bad thing is that I am very limited in what shapes I can make, due to the shape of the copper sheets...
But for the moment this is all that I've got, and I have to work with it or not work at all.
And one other thing - my intention was to make some leaves. But as you see... anything but leaves!
After the first folding and unfolding, when it was obvious I was not making leaves, I decided to fold again and this is what I got:
I like them! What do you think?
See ya!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY - Bleach dyed T-shirt

OMG! I've been dying to make this post! Because I am so happy. I've made myself a gorgeous, super cool T-shirt! Just take a look:
I just can't wait to put it on! But now it's too hot, so I'm waiting for cooler days...
Until then, two more pictures. Here is the front:
And this one is the back:

See ya!


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