Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hammered Copper Earrings

These are my hammered copper earrings.
Needless to say, I like them a lot. Right now they are my favorites.

I took some copper wire, hammered it, drilled the holes and then attached the ear wires. This time I didn't forget to fire the wire to give it a patina! They looked so naked and, I don't know how, had the idea to use these two textured beads I had made and painted earlier. A great idea and an excellent match!

The beads are not identical, and this is what I like about them the most.
Hope some of you like them, too!

See ya!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet IGOR!

You saw it before, but let me show you now the REAL Igor! The finished Igor.

I just love it!
It looks so real. I observed people's reaction when they firs saw it: everybody thought it was a real bird skull!
O how pleased I am! I started making this bead and was not satisfied with its outcome, and started all over again several times. Though, there are two mistakes. The first is a production mistake, or say a design one - the beak is a bit too long... And the second, I glued on the eye pin and forgot to give it a patina before. I don't like that shiny wire too much, but the good thing is that in time it will fade.
It's all handmade, of course: the bead, eye pin, bail, and clasp. And it hangs on a genuine leather cord. Black!
I'll tell you the story of its name some other time.

See ya!


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