Friday, December 2, 2011

Photoshop and My Logo

me saw something on the net and me wanted too :D
Sometimes I'm just like a little monkey, copying everything I see.
Well... in fact it is not simply copying, but also learning, processing and making it my own.
So here is my latest "doing" in PS, a "something" I am crazy about for the last few days:

Isn't this just beautiful?!?!? Open a photo in PS and then pick different colors with the eyedropper from that certain photo and wonder at the surprising palette of colors you get. I simply love this!!!

And now for the second part of this post... I've been working for some time on a logo... Here it is, what I've managed to "create"so far

:( can't load it... don't know why... there should be an explanation, but I just don't know...


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