Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet IGOR!

You saw it before, but let me show you now the REAL Igor! The finished Igor.

I just love it!
It looks so real. I observed people's reaction when they firs saw it: everybody thought it was a real bird skull!
O how pleased I am! I started making this bead and was not satisfied with its outcome, and started all over again several times. Though, there are two mistakes. The first is a production mistake, or say a design one - the beak is a bit too long... And the second, I glued on the eye pin and forgot to give it a patina before. I don't like that shiny wire too much, but the good thing is that in time it will fade.
It's all handmade, of course: the bead, eye pin, bail, and clasp. And it hangs on a genuine leather cord. Black!
I'll tell you the story of its name some other time.

See ya!

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