Monday, January 7, 2013

The Other Me...

Well, here is the other me... a little bit deviant...
We went for a hike last week and... well... I found a cow!
It was not a living one, just the... you know... bones.
Here are two pictures of it. I used the vintage frames from The CoffeeShop Blog, go over there and you will find tons of tutorials, free stuff like frames, PS actions, storyboards and lot more.

Ha-ha! Do you know what these are??? The teeth! I like their shape, all those lines and curves and circles.

I took home some teeth and the two horns! I don't have a picture of the horns yet, they are out in the garden, on two poles. I would like to do something with them, don't really know what, maybe try carving or something.

Have a nice week!

See ya!


  1. In git nu, sint prea mari! :P In cel mai bun caz mi le-as putea prinde pe o cordeluta... intelegi... :)



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