Monday, January 17, 2011


Well... I've decided to go global now and try to post in English.
I'm learning PS and experiment different things on my photos.
I also read other people's blogs and learn a lot from there. I discovered this mouse-over thing, saw it on several blogs, and when I started processing my photos, I knew I had to have this also. So... I started digging for a tuto or something - most are java script... I found one that is very easy and here it is: my first mouseover ever!
I am so happy and so proud I was able to do this!
Roll your mouse over the PS processed image and you'll see the original photo.


Here are my red berries:

I tried to post another photo but... I don't know why this doesn't work just as I imagined. I still have things to learn! So keep coming back, I'll have newbies very often.


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