Monday, July 11, 2011

My little house

Well... I've bought a little house!!!
Just love it!
It's small, and there are things to do on it - like changing the roof. But all in all it's OK, and it's located in a beautiful and amazingly neat village.

Just take a look! Here we go up this street:
and we stop right here, don't go any further
and this is it!!!
Isn't it just beautiful!!!
Come in closer:
and go to the back:
Now you should see the garden from here:
What do you think about my fence? Isn't it just great?
O, and that "thing" on the right is the... well... the "toilet"!
OK, never mind! Just keep on going! There's more to it!
Like this stream:

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Next time I'll show you around the village, maybe you'll by a house here, too. You can never tell!
And another beautiful picture of my beautiful house:

See ya!!!

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